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Schroeter Diesel Technology Museum

Nozzle tip from the Ottercliff Hall ship, 1969. The Ottercliffe Hall was powered by three Mirrlees Blackstone KMR6 four stroke cycle, single acting 6 cylinder 2,770 b.h.p. diesel engines built by Mirrlees Blackstone Ltd., Stockport, England. These engines burned intermediate grade 60 fuel; the power going to a single controllable pitch propeller giving her a rated service speed of 16.4 m.p.h. The bulk carrier had 17 hatches servicing 6 holds where approximately 26,351 tons (...26,774 tonnes) could be carried at maximum Seaway draft of 26' 03" (8.00m) and was capable of carrying 28,300 tons (28,755 tonnes) at a mid-summer draft of 27' 08" (8.43m) To improve ice handling, the Ottercliffe Hall was built with an extended hull below the water line. The bow could be considered similar to but not necessarily classified as a modern form of the Inman "ram" bow shape originally designed by Mr. Byron Bonaparte Inman in the late 1800's. Modern versions of this hull design are incorporated into the bow designs of the Gordon C. Leitch (2), Algowood, Atlantic Huron and many others

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